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assets Assets

  • Downtown Allentown/NIZ, ample downtown office space
  • Excellent water capacity and wastewater pre-treatment plant (Lehigh County Authority)
  • Proximity to major markets and key transportation routes
  • Large presence of manufacturers and necessary infrastructure
  • Quality of life and natural parks and recreation


  • Downtown Allentown
  • Allentown Waterfront / Lehigh Structural Steel
  • Lehigh Valley Dairy on MacArthur Road
  • FL Smidth / Iron Works Site, Front & Bridge Streets, Catasauqua

snapshotCommunity Snapshot

  • Population: 360,774 (2017 U.S. Census Bureau 5-year estimate)
  • Population growth since 2010: 4.8%
  • Third fastest growing county in Pennsylvania since 2010
  • One of only 18 counties in Pennsylvania with population growth since 2010
  • Median household income: $60,166 (in 2017 dollars, U.S. Census Bureau)
  • Median age: 39.4
  • 31% of residents have bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Employers: 8,555 (2016 U.S. Census Bureau

The Lehigh Valley is the fastest-growing region in Pennsylvania, and has been ranked the top region for economic development in the Northeast. And it’s easy to see why if you look at Lehigh County, whose economic growth and success has set the bar for all other counties in the state. Lehigh County has seen the unprecedented revitalization of Allentown, the county seat and third-largest city in Pennsylvania. It is the home of three Fortune 500 companies and two nationally-renowned sports venues: Coca-Cola Park, and the recently completed PPL Center hockey arena. With a strong infrastructure and excellent access to markets, Lehigh County has seen the continued growth in its manufacturing economy, with companies like Mack Trucks, Westport Axle, Lutron, and Olympus calling it home. The county’s high-quality water and sewer resources have also made it a mecca for food and beverage manufacturers, with such iconic brands as Mack Trucks, Samuel Adams, Ocean Spray, Olympus, and Coca-Cola. Unemployment in Lehigh County is at its lowest rate in seven years. Home sales are up, the construction market is active, and Lehigh County has the third-highest credit rating among all 67 counties in Pennsylvania. Come to Lehigh County and be a part of this remarkable success story.

Lehigh County

The Fastest Growing Region in Pennsylvania.

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The mission of the Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation is to market the economic assets of the Lehigh Valley and to serve as a regional shared services and resource center to help businesses to come, grow, and start here.